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Ubiquity Repositories are cloud hosted and open source, with no lock-in. Suitable for both large and small institutions, they provide high-quality hosting of research, teaching materials and collections. We have special pricing for small institutions such as community colleges, law schools, and museums. Just ask!



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Flexibility Built In

Showcase just one kind of output, or the entire research lifecycle. All work types have detailed metadata and appropriate integrations. Capture early stage DMPs, protocols and lab notebooks, then preprints, publications, theses, datasets and software. Disseminate Open Educational Resources and other teaching resources to students. All in one platform.


Clean Design to Showcase Cutting-Edge Research

First-class design enhances the reputation of your institution and authors. We work with researchers and repository managers around the world and are constantly implementing their feedback.


Metrics that Researchers Care About

Full publisher-quality metrics measure not only usage but impact. Track citations, social media discussion and contribution to public understanding.


Easy Depositing

Clean & auto-populated metadata

High quality publisher metadata for reliable indexing, without burdening depositors

Unlimited DOI Creation 

Create DOIs for all repository items, then track citations



Search Integration

Ideal for Consortia 

Collect and showcase all of your community's works in one connected repository ecosystem

Ability to host multiple repositories with shared search and administration

An Exciting Future

Our team are constantly adding new features to Hyku in conjunction with our partners

In line with our core values, Ubiquity Repositories are not only based on open infrastructure, but we also prioritize integration with other community-driven open infrastructure. We collaborated with the British Library to add integrations with DataCite, Crossref and the Funder Registry, as well as new work types with rich metadata and shared multi-tenant search.

We are also working on the Advancing Hyku Project to optimize the platform for green Open Access, along with the University of Virginia Library and the British Library with funding from Arcadia, a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. This includes adding features to scale repositories automatically by integrating open-resource discovery tools (e.g. Unpaywall and Open Access Button), connect deeply to author identification and profile services (e.g. ORCiD), and establish pathways to long-term preservation services.

Beyond this we are working on new integrations that make the repositories hubs for the entire research lifecycle, where you can visualize a dataset, read and fork an open textbook, annotate a thesis, interrogate a lab notebook and more. Stay tuned for new enhancements!


Ubiquity repositories are cost-effective and very competitively priced. As every repository is different, please contact us to discuss your needs and request a quote. We provide special pricing for small institutions such as community colleges, law libraries and museums.

The Future of Institutional Repositories is Here

Whether you want to start a repository for the first time, move from a costly self-maintained installation, or switch to a truly community-oriented solution, Ubiquity repositories offer you guaranteed performance, unbeatable features and dedicated support.

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